Why is arts so important for kids?

In the past few years, schools have removed the subject of arts from the curriculum and even if it is thought it is restricted to paintings and drawings. Art is not only paintings and sketching; it’s a wide subject that includes a lot of other things as well. There are many types of arts but the most important three are visual, literature and performing arts. Visual arts include painting, sketching, sculpting and architecture etc. literature includes poetry, prose, drama and fiction etc. whereas performing arts include dancing, music and theatre. All these are almost eliminating from the curriculum.  

People think education is just history, geography, science etc. This concept needs to be changed. People need to understand that art is an important part of a person’s life. It teaches a lot of things to children. If arts are not included in the early education, then your child may lack in a number of fields in his life. It is due to arts that people overcome the fear of stage or camera. Children learn to have faith and belief in them and they learn to have confidence that they can do anything in the world and nothing can stop them. They learn how to decide between things. They learn the skill of decision making by arts. 

People should admit their children to different institutes so that they can get art courses and further succeed in life. There are many institutes that offer art courses in Dubai and their courses are of great worth all over the world. Photography is one of the kinds of arts. It lies in visual arts. By photography you can capture beautiful moments of your life in your camera or your phone and they can be saved for life. 

There are many institutes that offer amazing photography classes in Abu Dhabi in which they teach you all the basics as well as all the tricks of taking pictures and by getting the certificates of these courses and with hard work you can become one of the greatest photographers of your time. It is a really good field and has a very wide scope. Parents should change their mindsets and appreciate their children to participate in all the art courses so they can also develop mentally, socially and emotionally. This will help a lot in their personal development.