The Importance and Psychology of Giving Gifts

Gifting has become a trend and a culture which is spread across different countries. People need an excuse for gifting each other things which is a cute thing and a very generous gesture. People celebrate birthdays, successes, promotions, anniversaries for friends and family and even of neighbors and colleagues. Gifts have made a huge industry from the past few decades. Now people have set up small pawn shops where they can buy different unique and rare items to gift something to themselves as well. Gifting is a way of connecting with people and when they achieve something, they receive gifts as rewards.

The gift giver makes sure that he/she is selects the perfect and the most unlike gift because they want to show themselves that they took effort for them.

With receiving gifts, the sender expects that he/she will ever get gift in return but the fact is some don’t and if you are a sender, and never got one. Just keep giving without expectations because expectation is a cancer and specially when expecting from people. You can expect from your God and He / She will never disappoint you. The gifting industry have spent a lot on research and making up to the latest trends, so, that they become famous in the gifting field. And when it comes to the gifting of children, they are very much expensive and a good variety is difficult to come by. Kids prefer toys but they get bored soon. So, toys industry makes sure to make interactive and learning toys.

There is an organization who gives toys to the unprivileged kids. Because kids like yours and mine get the fun and expensive toys. And they throw them away after a week or so. But there are children in Africa and Syria and some other unlucky countries which are under developed and children there don’t get 3 times proper meal or any meal for that matter. Many organizations provide food, shelter, clothes, medicine and books. But no one ever thought of giving away gifts that are thrown away. Different NGOs have different boxes on side street, some can be of plastic and some are for fluff toys.

There are many NGOs in UAE who make personalized gifts in Dubai and then they send it to the children. There are different festivals of balloons in Dubai, where people give charity and children of the world can play just like any other child in the world.