Parosh was established by Italian designer Paolo Rossello    in the 1980s in Milan, a city in Italy. It is known for its originality and uniqueness. The P.A.R.O.S.H stands for Paolo Rossello second hand which defines his inspiration to recreate and redesign vintage clothes giving them a new life.

Parosh is well known to customize clothes from strips of broken fabric, re-assembling them into coats having different fusions of colors. Similarly, standard sweaters are redesigned and re-shaped by softening the fabric and forming amazing new chic dresses.

Paolo Rossello has taken a different approach when it comes to fashion. His clothes are a sign of creativity, personal style and distinctive character that make it stand out in public. The authenticity of his work is one of the reasons that it has attracted the attention of some of the most famous international fashion brands from the very start of his career.

Its clothing line is based solely of women and is the combination of rich, detailed designing with a touch of elegance and sophistication. The beauty of its garments is amplified by its various ethnic tones and vintage shades.

Parosh is one of the most high-end brands that have earned its credibility through quality work and dedication. The secret behind its luxurious high-quality material is the research and knowledge about the fine fabrics, hand-made inlays, and embroidery. His creativity and hard work resulted in the worldwide recognition of his brand.

Parosh clothing has since launched different products as well. It includes handbags, leather clothing, shoes and various accessories like jewelry and belts. It has excelled in both machine and hand-made clothes and provides customers with excellent quality.

Parosh is known to never play by the rules; experimenting with vibrant colors and patterns. Their garments are refined and modernize from the previous fabric and turn into something more lively and updated. The most amazing quality of Parosh is that it never loses the essence of the previous fabric and that makes it unique and exclusive.

Despite it being such a large company, all the staff and workers work closely together as a family and share a close bond. This results in more productive work and great positive energy. The ever-expanding growth of the brand is because everyone puts their heart, feelings, and emotion in creating these mesmerizing pieces. Even, Paolo Rossello himself takes part in every step from the initial concept and research to production and sales. He takes care of every small detail. This is the reason that Parosh is where it is today.

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