Important things to take care of before ordering a cake

Seeing a wedding cake at someone’s wedding is a beautiful thing to admire but when you have to order a wedding cake Dubai for your own wedding function then you need to see about a lots of things. You cannot order the first cake you see in the picture or in the rack of your bakery. You need to take care of many things but it does not mean to make you panic or getting you frustrated thinking about a long list of criteria. Here are a few things which you need to know before you order a cake delivery in Dubai:

Style: Wedding cake should be the last thing to think about during your wedding planning because you need to order a cake that matches not only your wedding style but also with your outfit and the flowers which you are going to hold in your hands. You need to provide all the ideas to your baker and then he or she will provide you the best cake according to your wedding style.

Budget: Having a budget for your cake is necessary because you have to choose the specifications of your cake according to the budget you have for it. If you have a low budget then you cannot order a cake with more tiers with more pounds because it will go beyond your range and if you ordered before knowing about the price then it will be embarrassing to cancel your order or to get some money debt from someone else. In order to avoid this humiliating situation you need to ask about the price related to sizes before you confirm your order. 

Tiers: When you are going to decide about the tiers of your cake then you need to have number of guests in your mind. If a 2 tier cake will serve only 20 people then you cannot order it at your wedding were you will have 100+ guests because then everyone will not get the chance to even taste the cake and some people will find it insulting and get angry about it. Also it is against the ethics that you feed your cake to few guests and others will just have to see them eating. You also need to adjust the layers according to the venue height to make it beautiful in your pictures.