Games to try in kids parties

There are many event management companies which provide party ideas especially for kids only so they can enjoy their special events like birthdays, passing out ceremony and many more. They will meet other children in these parties and they can enjoy themselves without the fear of their parents as parents usually do not scold them or refrain from doing anything. These activities for kids in Dubai often have to offer different types of games for the kids so that they can spend enjoyable time there. These games are different for different events and also they are arranged by keeping in view the age of the kids. Following are some games which kids party Dubai often provides:

Fill the box: This is a game in which kids will get two chop sticks each and they have to make use of it to fill the provided box. Any item will be given as filling. It may be marshmallows, bite sized chocolates or any other thing which you can imagine. The reward for the winner is the box they fill. The more they fill the more is the reward.

Empty the box: It is a game in which host will provide different items filled in boxes and then given to the kids and they have to empty the box within a minute or any other time limit. The one who will empty the box from all the items will be taken as the winner and rewarded with a special treat and there is another option to make these games more exciting is to give some amusing penalty to the one who empty the box at the end.

Minute to win it: It is a game in which you can provide several other games. This name is like an umbrella under which innumerable games can come. The main thing is to use your imagination.

Memory game: In this game kids are given different square sheets in which 2 of them are of same and they are put upside down on the table. They may be from 10 sheets to 20 sheets. Kids have to match the two shapes simultaneously and if they fail to show the same shapes then they have to put them back in upside down position. This will test the memory of the kids.