Ballet dancing secrets no one will tell you

It’s all so pretty and happening for us when we look at the ballet dancers on our TV screens but what we don’t realize is that there is endless practice and dedication that goes behind this all. There are things beyond the ballet leotards, ballet tights and ballet shoes to fall for because they deserve immense respect. Here’s why:

  • One graceful and pretty routine which you see being performed on the stage is actually the result of painful and anti inflammatory combined with relentless training which they have been working on since their childhood.
  • Just because most of the ballet dancers have a seamless figure doesn’t mean that they starve themselves. Ballet is a hardcore exercise and dance form which requires carbs to keep the body energetic. This means that ballet dancers are on a healthy diet instead of eating nothing.
  • One thing which ballet teaches you in all these years is sewing. You get really good at sewing things because the shoes that ballets wear are not ready made but instead the wearer makes it themselves.
  • As you must have seen many different performances but one thing similar in that all is the bun that ballets make. Bun is their staple hairstyle and mostly like glasses – a frame which people are used to seeing. Once the ballets let their hair down, they are unrecognizable.
  • Ballet is not a girly sport because there are some very difficult routines that only men are able to perform. A ballet needs to be picked up above the head, launched across the stage and caught right in time all the while performing their routine and stunts is not an easy task at all.
  • It takes years and years of practice before any ballet dancer can master a single stunt or a routine. And sometimes even after all this practice some dancers fail to perform due to performance anxiety more than you think.
  • Men who do ballet have to wear many tights and it is undoubtedly true but the performance level is high and they probably have an amazing pair of legs to show off so this kind of becomes their added beauty instead of something to be made fun of.

These are some basic truths about ballet that you must be unaware of so now that you know it, make sure that you respect the art.