Advantages of Green House farming

Green house farming is advantageous than conventional farming because of its benefits. In green house, environment is controlled, content of carbon dioxide is kept more inside green house which is essential for growth of plants.

So due to its advantages green house farming in UAE is quite common and vegetable suppliers in Dubai also get benefits from this farming.

Longer growth season:

Green house provides longer period of growth to plants because temperature remains stable in green house. Green house protects crops from sunlight so crops grow healthier in greenhouse. 

All seasoned crops:

As in greenhouse environment is controlled and any type of weather can be produced in it so crops of all seasons can be produced in greenhouse.

Wide variety of crops:

in greenhouse, wide variety of crops can be grown. in this area is specified is allocated for every crop and so all crops are grown according to proper planning.

Better quality of crops:

The crops cultivated in this way are of better quality because of controlled environment condition. Temperature, air, nutrients and water all are given in balanced amount so crops produced by this method are of better quality. 

Prevention from pests and diseases:

As crops are being protected from open environment so it also saves crops from pests, insects and weeds. So, it is also helpful in preventing crops from diseases caused by insects and pests.

Maximum profit:

Greenhouse farming cuts the cost in many ways so maximum profit can be obtained rather than conventional way of farming. Resources are used in greenhouse in more efficient way and with proper planning. 

Less use of resources:

In greenhouse farming, strategy is made to use resources. Hydroponic strategy is used to water the crops. By this strategy, less water is used for crops and water can also be recycled. Similarly, light is also provided to crops in balanced way.

Stability and security:

Green house farming provide independence from environmental conditions and from climate conditions so it gives stability and security to crops. 

Customization of greenhouse farming according to needs:

You can also customize greenhouse farm according to your desire.  As we know that environment is being controlled in greenhouse so we can also create environment of our type in greenhouse. 

Saves energy:

Greenhouse also provides opportunity to save energy such as light, water etc. so one can also spend environment friendly life.