Advantages of Becoming a Chartered Accountant

An accountant is a person who keeps a track of your money either you run a home or you run a company. You are yourself an accountant when it comes to managing your money but a person who has degree in it will do it way better than you. An accountant is a person who will also make plans for your company regarding money and finances, there are different small accountant assistant applications which are developed to manage houses finances. And being an accountant is a very long journey, people have to study for years and each time they join different company, the experience of their accounts handling is totally different.

Which means that an accountant is always in a learning mode. For example, a person is working in a company whose accountants have simple ledger books and every month they have a regular closing and after some years that same person joins another company whose accounts are messed up and this person will help them getting them together. So, the accountant will learn at different phases in different ways at all times. Another benefit of being an accountant is that they are highly paid even if a person is doing internship, he/she will be paid as well. It was estimated that a normal accountant earns at least 45,000 AED per year and a pro accountant can earn more than 130,000 AED per year with other benefits.

Times are changing and there were times when people wanted to do regular jobs now people are more focused towards doing their businesses and it was estimated that every 10 out 7 people are doing business. Which means there is a lot of demand of accountants and in the future there will more job openings for accountants. According to UAE Labor Statistics, it was estimated that by they year 2030, there will be more than 1.5 million accountants in the whole UAE. There are many different opportunities for accountants like; they can work in flexible hours as well because they have to manage the financial database which they can also do it by sitting at any place. If you want to do some good standing job, you can contact different firms of Chartered Accountants in Abu Dhabi and some of these companies are also Adnoc ICV certificate.